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  • Fully Insured up to $50,000 per item: You can Ship valuable items and feel covered. Our policy is specifically designed for FRAGILE items. Standard shipping insurance is not.
  • Real-time tracking: Track your gear as makes it's way to you.  We use the best technology.
  • Personal Service: Dedicated support team 7 days a week. We will personally build the lowest costs and best quote for you. Track it with you and guide you through the process.
Whether you are traveling, buying or selling a guitar our service is free. There are no extra service fees, or commissions. We provide dedicated support on every shipment guiding you through the shipping process, saving you money and time. We guarantee your satisfaction with our service.
"When I record in Nashville, I use Ship Guitars.  While most of the studios there have great guitars for me to use, they aren’t my guitars…  I ship 2-3 of my guitars each time via UPS Next Day Air Saver.  The day before I leave, I drop my guitars off at the UPS customer counter down the street from my house, and my guitars arrive safely at the studio in Nashville by 3 PM the next day.  I throw a couple of labels in my suitcase for the trip back, and on my way to the airport, I drop them off at a UPS Store.  I save a good chunk of change while making my travels easier."
Scott Kurt – Scott Kurt & Memphis 59 

"Ship Guitars made our trip to SXSW hassle-free. We began to enjoy the journey from the moment we got on the plane."

Dan Angermaier-Black Angel Down
"I highly recommend Ship Guitars. Every staff member was responsive, genuine and friendly. "
Jeffrey Thomas
 Shipping rates are expensive.  I ship 4-5 guitars every week from e-bay sales.  Ship Guitars makes transportation of the instruments affordable, and their process is really easy.  Create a label, box up your guitar, get it into the hands of UPS. 
That’s it – a simple way to save money! 

 Jeff Jones – Shake The Room 

Customer Service
As a company of musicians and long time shipping experts, we have experienced the hassles of traveling with our guitar and understand how important your gear is to you. Our team is available 7 days a week, ready to help answer any questions or help quote a shipment. We will go to great lengths to help you make this stress free, affordable and easy.